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Types of appliances:


Traditional Metal braces:
Traditional metal braces have proven to be effective and reliable instruments to move teeth for over 100 years.  They are the most commonly used appliances for orthodontic patients.



Low-friction braces:
An ingenious design allows these brackets to apply forces on the teeth with little or no friction on the wires.  The results mean faster treatment for our patients with fewer numbers of visits and often with less discomfort.


Ceramic braces (Tooth colored braces)
These are a great alternative to traditional braces for patients seeking orthodontic treatment without the metal braces.  Ceramic braces can often treat cases which are too complex for clear aligners.


Invisalign (clear aligners)
As an Invisalign Certified provider, Dr. Jones has seen great results with clear aligners over the last several years.  Invisalign has made important advances since their introduction in the ‘80’s to improve their effectiveness.  Despite their popularity and vast demand from advertisements, clear aligners still pose major challenges for certain types of orthodontic cases.  Much of the success Dr. Jones has enjoyed with aligners is due to his carefully chosen case selections.  Not all patients are recommended for Invisalign.  Upon examination, Dr. Jones may discuss this exciting treatment option with you.


Intra-oral appliances such as expanders, headgears, jaw positioners, etc.
There are several appliances which modify the shape and position of the facial bones. These appliances are often used in conjunction with braces to achieve dramatic results.



Habit breakers
Thumb sucking habits, tongue thrust habits, and lip sucking habits can cause devastating changes in the dentition. These habits should not persist once the adult teeth have erupted. If the child is ready to stop the habit, our office can provide appliances to help disrupt and break the offending habit.

Retainers are used to hold the teeth in place after the braces have been removed. Teeth have a tendency to drift back to their old positions after the treatment. Consistent retainer wear throughout lifetime will guarantee that the teeth remain in their corrected positions. Our office offers three types of retainers: Traditional, Clear, and Bonded. Our office will discuss these options in greater detail with you during your consultation.